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The Code of Conduct at Cherry Hill Elementary is designed to maintain an understanding of acceptable behaviours that foster respect for the integrity of the individual, the rights of persons in our school, and the responsibility of the whole community. Our Code of Conduct outlines a general framework for behavioural expectations for everyone who enters our community. It is expected that everyone within our community will interact in a manner that supports and maintains the values and principles outlined in our mission statement and this document.

The Code of Conduct shall apply to our school community members when any school related activity is being conducted. Any behaviour, or patterns of behaviour, that adversely affects the school climate, operation, or learning of others, will be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct. Appropriate interventions will be used to remedy negative conduct.

Members of a safe, caring and orderly school community demonstrate:

Safe, caring and orderly schools do not tolerate acts of:

To this end, members of the Cherry Hill Elementary community will:

Code of Citizenship

Cherry Hill operates on the belief that all students have the right and responsibility to learn. Therefore, we are responsible for providing a positive, safe and nurturing environment for all members of the school community. This, in turn, allows all students the opportunity to learn, grow and strive to do their personal best.

Cherry Hill is committed to promoting the social conscience, self-discipline and sense of responsibility which characterize an educated citizen. At Cherry Hill, we believe that as students move up through successive grades, there is a developmental increase in personal responsibility and the ability to practice appropriate self-discipline. Along with this increase in responsibility and the ability to make wise choices comes an increase in consequences for inappropriate behaviours. As students’ progress to higher grades, they will play a greater role in ensuring Cherry Hill Elementary is a safe, caring and enjoyable learning environment.

Rights of our students

• I have the right to learn.

• I have the right to hear and be heard.

• I have the right to be respected.

• I have a right to be safe.

• I have a right to a clean, healthy environment.

• I have the right to privacy and to my own personal space.

Responsibilities of our students

• I have a responsibility to be attentive, to complete all assignments to the best of my ability, and to seek help when needed.

• I have a responsibility to listen respectfully, without interrupting.

• I have a responsibility to treat others with kindness, honesty, courtesy and respect.

• I have a responsibility to behave and play without harming, bullying or threatening others.

• I have a responsibility to respect and protect my school environment.

• I have a responsibility to respect the personal property of others, and to accept their right to privacy.

Street and Traffic Safety

Students and parents are encouraged to use the crosswalks located at Miller Crescent and Kudo Drive when crossing Best Avenue to and from the school.

Student Use of Telephone

Students are permitted to use the telephone only in emergency situations before 2:30 p.m.

Student Attendance

Parents should phone the school when their child will be absent or late.  The home will be contacted by telephone if the school has not heard from the parents.

A note from home will be required by the classroom teacher if the parents are not contacted.

Dress Code


School Cash


Contact Us:

Cherry Hill Elementary
32557 Best Avenue
Mission, BC, Canada
V2V 2S5

Tel: 604 826 9239

Fax: 604 826 5197


Mr. Shane Sliziak

Calendar 2016-2017

Events and/or Dates Subject to Change Without Notice


September 6   School Opens, First Day of School (AM only, Classes dismissed at 11:00)

September 23   Non Instructional Day

September 28 "Meet The Teacher" 8:00 am to 8:30am

September 30 "Orange Shirt Day"

October 10  Thanksgiving

October 12 Photo Day

October 21 Provincial Professional Development Day

October 24 Non Instructional Day

October 26 Books for Bedtime 6-7pm

November 8 Photo Re-Takes

November 10 1/2 Day Assessment/Evaluation-Dismiss at 11am

November 11  Remembrance Day (No School)

November 21 Report Cards home to parents

November 22 and 23 Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences


November 25 No classes in session

December 13 Red / Green Day

December 14 Christmas Concerts: 11:00 am Dress Rehearsal, 1:00 pm 2nd Performance

December 16 Last day of school before Winter Vacation

January 3 School Reopens


February 8 (cancelled) Books for Bedtime (6:00 pm)

February 22 Books for Bedtime (6:00-7:00pm)

February 13 Family Day

February 17 District Professional Development Day

February 24 1/2 Day Assessment/Evaluation Dismiss at 11am

March 6 Report Cards home to parents

March 7th, 8th and 9th Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

March 10 No School in lieu of Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

March 13-24 SPRING BREAK

March 27 School Reopens 

April 14 Good Friday

April 17 Easter Monday

May 19 Non Instructional Day

May 22 Victoria Day

May 17th Grade 6 students orientation at Hatzic Middle

May 18th Jump Rope For Heart

May 24th "Welcome to Kindergarten" orientation 1pm in the gym

May 25th Grade 6 Parents Meeting at Hatzic Middle at 6:30pm

June 9th Sports Day (Early Dismissal at 1:50pm)

June 20th Grade 6 Farewell

June 21st Kindergarten Celebration

June 29 Last Day of School for Students

June 30 Administrative Day

JULY 4 - 7 LAST WEEK of SCHOOL OFFICE being open