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Cherry Hill Elementary
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​​​Parents' Advisory Committee (PAC)

To contact PAC via e-mail, please send it to ~

To contact PAC via Facebook, please click here:

2020 - 2021 Executive:

PRESIDENT: Wendy Stewart


TREASURER: Bunny Cocar

SECRETARY: Krissy Bains


DPAC: Kara Erickson 

Cherry Hill Elementary PAC

If your child attends Cherry Hill Elementary School, then you are automatically considered a member of our school's Parent Advisory Committee. The Cherry Hill PAC is a great way for its committee (who consists of members elected by parents/guardians) to act as a liaison between parents/guardians and our school's administration and also allows parents/guardians to become meaningfully involved in their child's education and overall school experience.  

We, as a collective voice of parents, have a wonderful opportunity to contribute through various fundraising events which add to the value of our children's experience by funding and supporting some of our school's activities as well as classroom requirements that are not always otherwise met. 

We encourage all parents to get involved by either volunteering or simply attending our quarterly meetings. 

We also currently have a Facebook page where our school's current events are regularly updated and questions regarding events and activities can often be answered.  Please visit us on Facebook under "Cherry Hill PAC" and/or check out our board located directly across from the school office for more information.