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May Board Meeting Highlights

May 20, 2020


Month End Financial  Summary - Year End Projections

The summary for financial information for April 2020 YTD is detailed in the agenda package. To view the agenda package click here.

The 2019-2020 projected surplus is expected to be reduced by $100,000 to $200,000 due to the increased need for substitutes, and increase costs for environment, administrative and personal protective equipment to mitigate the risks to employees related to Covid19.

Teacher Local Matters Agreement Ratification

OnMay 7, 2020 the School District received notification that the local matters agreement between SD 75 and MTU is in alignment with the provincial agreement and has been ratified.

Superintendent's report on School District function during Pandemic

One cohort of Childcare at Windebank will be moving to Heritage Park and additional spots will become available. All grad related events like Prom have been cancelled, but Grad ceremonies will be held in alternate formats.

Continuity of learning is moving forward, and the Ministry has provided direction to move to stage three of reopening schools. A draft plan is included on page 14 of the agenda package. The final plan will be submitted to the Ministry for review and approval.

Motion re: Steelhead Boundary Catchment

A motion was presented to amend the catchment boundary for Stave Falls Elementary for September 2020 to include the Steelhead area of Albert McMahon Elementary catchment.

The motion failed on the basis that additional consultation is required from the families affected by the change and that the Board is seeking to address one extensive review of all catchments at the same time.

Stage 3 I School Reopening of Mission Public Schools

The Government of BC has established that schools in BC must be, at a minimum, offering the following direct service levels by June 1:

  • K-5* - Part -time 2-3 days per week
  • 6-12 - 1 day per week

*In Mission, we will include K-6 as a group due to our structural organization.

Childcare will continue to function. There will need to be an expansion due to demand from teachers. During the week of May 18-22, Schools will survey parents for their receptiveness to returning their children to school, to determine the load required at each site. Schools have also surveyed staff to assess childcare needs and various health concerns for staff members.

The Ministry has set "density "limits of 50% for the K-5 and 20% for 6-12, though districts and regions can propose some variance provided any delivery beyond these requirements must be within guidelines established by the Health Authority.